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Principal Solutions Engineer, BMC software

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“His (Jeff’s) social and technical skills make him a great asset for an organization that is interested in building the right relationship with the customer.” 

Solutions Architect, Dell Technologies

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“He welcomes challenges and has experience designing and solutioning complex enterprise hybrid cloud solutions that exceed our customer's expectations.” 

“Jeff is an accomplished cloud architect, well versed in the latest innovations within the market and a creative problem solver. He would be an invaluable architecture leader for any organization developing complex cloud solutions.” Customer Experience Leader

“He knows how to apply these skills in the context of a client requirement. Jeff is very easy to work with and creates enduring relationships with his colleagues. I would approach Jeff for his subject matter expertise anytime.” Solution Manager

“His breadth of knowledge was very broad and his recommendations were always solid. He was/is one of the best. If you get the opportunity to work with Jeff, jump on it.” Marketing Manager

“Worked very well under pressure and was very poised and professional with potential customers. A positive and friendly person.” Sales Manager

“He has always brought professional solutions to the table, with the best interest of [company] and the customer equally balanced.” CTO

“His expertise and his willingness to share his knowledge as an advisor/mentor was of great help. I have had several technical discussions with him and he was never short of ideas for best execution.” Product Leader

“Jeff's technical skill set and professionalism were very instrumental in supporting and contributing to the growth of our business.” Account Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Jeff and found him to have the right combination of Technical and Sales skills that proved to be a tremendous asset to our growing division.” Sales Manager

“Jeffrey is a very professional, customer facing and dedicated team member who can get the job done” Client Partner

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