Get your sales​ unstuck

We use real c​lient insights to create road map,

leading to increased sales.

Whether you’re just starting out or your sales have plateaued, Creative Data Insights can help. Our team dives deep into key performance indicators hidden in your sales and client behavior data. We crunch the numbers to spotlight strengths and identify paths to improvement.

We help you quantify your business proposition and map the road forward. We’ll help you tell your story, pinpoint your market’s most pressing needs, and decide how to meet those needs now and in future development.

Benefits of working with CDI

Improved Sales

We help you develop product stories that ensure your investments in Sales are worthwhile. By understanding very specific impacts, we can help you speak to your market in a way that really resonates and leads to sales.

Risk Reduction

Reduce risk by understanding your customer’s actual behaviors, rather than your t​eam's intuition. We reduce the problem that many Founders experience by making investments before deeply understanding the problem that customers face, saving them from painful pivots later.

Market Traction

 By proving value before investment in development you create a product that resonates with your client buyers.  This takes the guesswork out of planning for growth by establishing an in-demand product right from the start. If your product already exists, then we help you pivot to a more proven and powerful concept.

Examples of services we provide

Customer Disc​overy

We work with your existing customers, potential customers and recently lost deal contacts to understand their needs and how it impacts their results. This is a powerful way to uncover opportunities for improvement in your message, your process and your roadmap.

Team Coaching

We can work with your existing team and guide them through any of the above. Sometimes you need a person who has been there before to get them started. We have a deep bench of expert consultants to call on to deliver results.

Building Analytical Dashboards.

By understanding the market, customers preferences and buying patterns we can validate product direction. This de-risks your investment in new technology and provides an inspiring roadmap for sales, marketing and development teams.

Product Roadmap Development.

As an extension of understanding the problems clients face, we help you determine some specific product ideas that will make an impact. With decades experience in leading outsourcing software projects, we have worked with hundreds of clients to help them define and deliver their growth journey.

Win/ Loss Analysis

We use a best practices approach to interviewing clients and stakeholders of recent sales lost. As a 3rd party to the sales team, we gain key insights and identify patter​ns that lead to better understanding. Competitor analysis typically becomes part of these projects for a 360 view of the problems you are solving.

Our Background

Innovation Specialists  

Jeff has been in the software innovation field for 20+ years as a Sales Architect, where he works with clients and helps them build their vision. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies, single person companies, and many in between. He uses a broad background selling to a technical audience to frame, understand and build solutions for pervasive issues. He has helped shape dozens of SaaS platforms by being the bridge between the business stakeholders and the technical solution. Having a cloud architecture background has allowed him to talk about the art of the possible while digging deep on customer problems. CDI has a deep bench of talent to assist on projects as needed.


Our Clients

Developed MVP of SaaS platform using Industrial IoT and Machine Learning for anomaly detection and alerting. This company later sold to a large investor for continued development.

CAHill TECH, inc. CDI built an analytics practice to guide product marketing and development. Developed prize winning innovations and put the client on a path for dramatic growth.

Market research and analysis setting the foundation for investment in the USA market. Established effective foundation for sales and marketing.

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